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GOP lawmaker: The Left will ‘lie’ to win elections

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” to weigh in on the Left’s efforts to rein in free speech, telling guest host Jeanine Pirro that the Democratic Party is determined to implement its agenda.

BYRON DONALDS: The political Left knows no bounds. They will do whatever it takes to win elections, to implement their agenda. Nothing has changed. Even Barack Obama when he was president, he lied about premiums. He lied about what was going to happen with Obamacare. I’m on Obamacare right now. I’ve never paid more for my health insurance. My deductibles have never been higher. He was not telling the truth. Yet he spends the rest of his post-political career trying to lecture us. The political Left, the Democrats in Congress just want to implement their agenda. They do not care who they have to lie to. They do not care what agencies they need to create in order to get the job done.


Why does the Left want to control speech? Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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