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Forbes Media CEO Steve Forbes predicts SCOTUS abortion decision’s impact on midterm elections

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume and Forbes Media CEO Steve Forbes sounded off on inflation and abortion Wednesday on “Special Report” All-Star Panel.

FORBES: And the hope of Republicans is that this issue [of abortion] will be not superseded, but they will be voting on other issues come November. And that’s why that Supreme Court decision, we’ll have to see what they finally come out with it. But it certainly has given the Democrats a lifeline that they didn’t have before. But I think ultimately voters are going to go with the economy, where Congress can make a real difference. And so I think that the Democrats’ euphoria won’t be long-lived. 

HUME: [W]hen Joe Biden, after all the spending that’s gone on, is talking about how he and his administration have significantly reduced the deficit – I don’t think that’s going to wash with very many voters. And look at it this way, Bret [Baier]. The deficit and the national debt are issues that worry voters, but they don’t feel it. What they feel is inflation right now and they all feel it. Every single voter in the country feels it – even people who are rich enough that it doesn’t really affect their standard of living still notice it. And … it has always been politically about as corrosive an issue as you can imagine. A war going badly would compete with that. So there’s nothing they can say about the deficit or the economy right now, barring some striking decline in inflation or at least halting of it, that’s going to change the fact that that issue is going to work very strongly against the Democrats in this midterm and it’ll be the main issue. 


Dems' euphoria won't be long-lived: Forbes Video


This article was written by Fox News staff.

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