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Former Supreme Court clerks speak out against the Left’s rhetoric and threats made against the justices

Former Supreme Court clerks Mike Davis and Carrie Severino condemned the Supreme Court draft leak and threats made against the justices on Friday’s “The Ingraham Angle.”

MIKE DAVIS: If you’re making threats against Supreme Court justices, you are violating federal law. There are laws on the books for assaults, for threats, for conspiracy, for obstruction of justice. And it is disgraceful that Attorney General Merrick Garland, a former federal judge himself, deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, FBI Director Chris Wray, the U.S. attorneys in D.C., Maryland, the Eastern District of Virginia — crickets from these people. This is unacceptable. These are real threats against the lives of Supreme Court justices. And they need to step up right now and do something about this. 


CARRIE SEVERINO: I think this is one of the most concerning things about this leak. Not only does it strike a blow at the trust inherent in the internal workings of the court, but this is a real act of threat against the justices themselves. I know that they are ramping up security. But this is why I think a lot of us have said let’s just issue this opinion quickly. I think it’s no surprise, though. I mean, Jen Psaki, remember, used to work for Demand Justice. This is like the most radical, left-wing, dark money group out there. These are the people who were praising the leaker, saying we need more Supreme Court leaks. This is the people who have a board member who said the Constitution’s trash and should be scrapped. They wanted to have more justices yesterday, they said on the court. They’re trying to use this to kind of pack the court so even if they can’t switch this decision now… or someone said even let’s pack the court before the end of the term. Oh, my goodness, it is no-holds-barred. It’s any means justify the end here. And that’s what’s so disturbing about this leak and the threats that we’re seeing.


Former Supreme Court clerks speak out against Left's violent rhetoric Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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