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Gen. Jack Keane predicts how the Russia-Ukraine war will end

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane looked ahead to the end of the Russia-Ukraine war Thursday on “Special Report.”

GEN. KEANE: There is a policy shift [from the United States]. Initially, first couple of weeks, [there was] limited support for the Ukrainians in terms of arms and ammunition, very specific. … And based on very good sources that I had, the Biden administration was putting pressure on Zelenskyy to make a deal, take a settlement. Zelenskyy and his troops did extraordinarily well. And as a result of that, … the Biden administration began to shift to helping Zelenskyy defeat the Russians inside of Ukraine – actually using the word “to attain victory.” And then [it] went all out to get ammunition and supplies, not just out of the United States’ depots, but organized 40 other countries to do much the same. So the policy, yeah, it has shifted. 

I think [the Russians] have to come to the realization that actually occupying a significant amount of territory in Ukraine is likely not going to happen. The Ukrainians, they have an opportunity here to push the Russians out. They’re going to need a significant amount of support, in my calculation, just on artillery alone. Because the Russians – the one thing they do well is artillery. And the thing that kills artillery is artillery. We’re going to have to send them a lot to be able to do that – a lot more than we’ve already sent any other nations. There is opportunity there. But at the end of the day, it’ll be probably likely that there’ll be some kind of stalemate, hopefully with the Ukrainians taking back most of their territory. The opportunity is there for them to do it. 


How will the Russia-Ukraine war end? Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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