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Greg Gutfeld: Biden’s biased disinformation czar the wrong choice, pick someone like Bill Maher

Greg Gutfeld ripped DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for pleading ignorance on disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz’s background on “The Five.”

GREG GUTFELD: Nina [Jankowicz], I would say she’s a harmless person. She’s like a walking Twitter trend. She’s a poster child for all the lazy rumors that end up trending on Twitter. Like Taylor Lorenz is a victim, she tweets about that. CRT [critical race theory] is a right-wing fear tactic. [Hunter’s] Laptop is Russian disinformation. These all get the biggest clicks and retweets in her bubble. The big problem here is not that she’s silly, the problem is she’s not unbiased. If you look at everything she talks about and believes in, she is swayed by what gets attention and in her world and that makes her incredibly unqualified. If they actually keep this actual board, they have to really try to bend over backwards to find somebody with a centrist perspective, somebody that they might not like, you know? Somebody that pisses you off 50% of the time and doesn’t tick you off the other 50%. We know there a lot of people out there like that. I would use somebody like Bill Maher as an example.


Gutfeld: Biden's disinformation czar 'incredibly unqualified' Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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