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Gutfeld: This Supreme Court leak was essentially a steroid for enthusiasm for Democrats

The co-hosts of “The Five” discussed JD Vance’s victory in the Ohio GOP Senate primary after former President Trump endorsed him and how there is an apparent enthusiasm gap among Democrats.

GREG GUTFELD: They [Democrats] need Donald Trump right now. They need somebody. They need a demon. And I think these outcomes are more related less to Trump than the Democrats’ disastrous embrace of the hard-left wokeism, right? It’s creating – and you can see it – a pendulum swing. And that’s why you’re getting a lot of young candidates. Sometimes they’ll be a little bit colorful. … A lot of you see a lot of change going on. But there’s one variable in these elections that also explains the Supreme Court leak and why it was necessary. Over 230,000 more Republicans turned out in Ohio than they did in 2018. It’s the highest turnout ever. There were 160,000 fewer Dems that came out to vote. That’s an enthusiasm gap so wide … So hence the leak. The leak was essentially a steroid for enthusiasm.


 Gutfeld: These outcomes are related to the ‘disastrous embrace of the hard-left wokeism’ Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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