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Monica Crowley slams woke corporations for ‘pro-abortion’ agenda amid reports of ‘abortion benefits’

“The Monica Crowley Podcast” host joined “Jesse Watters Primetime” to react to reports that big American corporations are offering “abortion benefits” to their employees.

MONICA CROWLEY: Look, I want to know where the fairness comes in. So, if you were a female employee at one of these woke corporations doing this, and you decide to have a baby, are they going to give you a $4,000 bonus to even it out?

Well, if they’re paying for female employees’ abortions and a woman there decides to have a baby, do they get a $4,000 bonus? Also, if you’ve got a female employee who wants to undergo fertility treatments to have a baby, are these companies now going to pay for that as well? Look, this is all about pro-abortion. This is not pro-choice. They say they’re pro-choice. But you have to wonder when these woke corporations do this, are they just trying to avoid paying for maternity leave, which is a lot more expensive than, say, the $4 grand for travel expenses? Is this a business decision rather than sort of a political commentary that they’re making?


Crowley: Are US companies trying to avoid paying maternity leave? Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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