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Piers Morgan rails against ‘brutal’ cancel culture at universities: ‘A complete disgrace’

Fox Nation host Piers Morgan said “there is a real ongoing attempt to suppress freedom of speech on college campuses.” Morgan joined “Fox & Friends” Monday to call out the “disgrace” of growing censorship of free-speech at universities across America and professors speaking out about being punished for their dissenting viewpoints.


PIERS MORGAN: This is what my new show is about, ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored,’ because what is going on college campuses, not just in America but around the world, is brutal. Censorship of any views by anyone that differs from this woke, cancel culture, mob mentality. And when you read this New York Post story, it’s really quite terrifying in a way. What you discover is that nearly 600 educators at faculties around America have been punished in some form for expressing opinions. And the rate of these punishments being handed out is now multiplying four or five-fold every year, which means that there’s a real, ongoing attempt to suppress freedom of speech on college campuses. … One of these professors actually got canceled because he was holding a class, educating people about how to deal with offensive language. And as part of the lecture, he used offensive language to illustrate what he was talking about and was immediately branded a homophobe, a racist and so on, using offensive language deliberately to make a point about offensive language. That is how ridiculous this has all gotten. So I applaud these professors for speaking out. But everyone who works on a college campus around America, in fact, globally, they should all be looking at this piece and asking themselves one question. What kind of kids are you seeing coming through these colleges? If only one narrow worldview is allowed, to me, it’s a complete disgrace. 


Piers Morgan on cancel culture at colleges and increasing censorship Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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