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Psaki greenlighted criminal protesters at conservative Supreme Court justices’ homes: Kayleigh McEnany

Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Kayleigh McEnany discussed the left’s reaction to potential protests outside Supreme Court justices’ homes Friday on “The Five.”

GUTFELD: There’s a filter of evil that the woke operates on. When they disagree with you, it’s not that you’re wrong, it’s that you’re evil. And that excuses all of their behavior. So if you’re against them, then they could do whatever they want. That’s how they justified the riots after Floyd. But the Republicans don’t do that. They don’t see the other side as evil. They see the other side as wrong. So they’re less likely to get physical.  

MCENANY: [The left are] greenlighted by the White House. So Jen Psaki got a second bite of the apple. She was asked this again today about the violence and the protests at the Supreme Court justices’ homes. Here’s what she said during a gaggle. She was asked specifically: “Does the president want protesters to influence Supreme Court justices so they uphold Roe?” Which basically that question verbatim is a crime if you look at U.S. code, to influence a justice by protesting at their home. Her response was this: “I wouldn’t say that the president has a particular view on this.” Exact same thing she said about the leak – “He doesn’t have a particular view on the leak.” So unprecedented leaks – no view. Protesting at a Supreme Court justice’s home – no view. … [Y]ou can look up the statute, 18 USC 1507, there’s also a code of Virginia against protesting at a primary residence. She greenlighted a crime from the podium. She greenlighted a crime in a gaggle today. 


Gutfeld: The left will justify anything in the name of abortion Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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