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After SCOTUS leak, ‘really disgraceful’ for left to wallow ‘in political exploitation’: Former DOJ prosecutor

Former Department of Justice prosecutor Jim Trusty blasted the left for playing the victim in the wake of the Supreme Court’s abortion case leak Thursday on “Your World.” 

JIM TRUSTY: To me, it’s a really disgraceful moment that anyone is wallowing in political exploitation, which is what you’re really seeing, and avoiding an issue that actually should unite all of us. And we should be talking about how outrageous a breach this is of the ethics of the Supreme Court. And it got about a minute’s play, and then it’s turned into this idea of, “Let’s use it to abolish the filibuster,” or “Let’s rant and rave and get emotional about abortion.” So I don’t need to add my voice to the emotionality. I think we should all be focusing on what a horrible breach this is. And by the way, in terms of congressmen coming together and passing laws to protect the Supreme Court, how about also passing a clear federal law that protects the intellectual property of the Supreme Court? Because we’re kind of struggling to find a criminal offense here. And it would be nice to have something that basically says if you engage in the unauthorized disclosure of the work product of the Supreme Court, that you face a serious felony for that. 

This is going to be an investigation that’s based on people and technology. People in terms of interviewing folks in the building and saying, “Hey, is there somebody [who]’s been running their mouth … [-] somebody [who]’s an ideologue about Roe versus Wade, or … tipped off that they might do something like this?” Or maybe someone actually steps up and confesses. But beyond that, you’ve got a lot of access to technology.


Catching the Supreme Court abortion case leaker Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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