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Cruz slams Biden ‘handing over’ control to ‘Communists’, who refuse to ‘call off their goons’

President Biden has ceded Democratic Party control to “Marxists” and “Communists” whose foundational belief in “mob rule” by, at-times, violent means is being borne out in front of Supreme Court justices homes again Monday, Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News.

Cruz described how Justice Alito’s home near Alexandria, Va., and Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh’s in Chevy Chase, Md., are being besieged by unruly demonstrators – in a show of intimidation that Biden and Democratic Party leaders are content to sit back and watch.

“These images are the latest manifestation of just how extreme, just how radical, the Democratic Party is getting,” he said.


Protesters at the home of Justice Samuel Alito

Protesters at the home of Justice Samuel Alito
(Fox News)

“Joe Biden has handed the agenda over to the socialists – and not just the socialists: This is now the Marxists. This is now the Communists,” Cruz continued, adding that it is clear “today’s Democratic Party believes in violence.”

“They believe in mob rule. They believe in intimidation — just like Marxists and Communists, they’re willing to burn our institutions to the ground to get what they want.”

Biden, who self-identifies as a Catholic, has largely remained silent as his party’s activists disrupted Mass, in what was seen as a response to Roman Catholic pro-life doctrine and the five conservatives justices’ Catholic faith.

Cruz said such activists now “hate faith, hate God [and] hate the Catholic Church,” calling Biden’s silence as “thugs” protest inside churches “disgusting.”

He also nodded to the idea that if the Mississippi case before the court now is decided in the state’s favor, solidly Democratic states will continue to permit abortions – including to the moment of birth per a law signed by former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as alluded to by host Sean Hannity.


Protesters at the home of Justice Samuel Alito

Protesters at the home of Justice Samuel Alito
(Fox News Digital)

“That’s right,” Cruz replied. “And if you look at our nation’s history, for the first 185 years of our nation’s history, abortion was decided by elected legislatures, primarily at the state level.”

The senator reflected on the 1973 Roe ruling, saying that 7 “unelected lawyers” took the states’ rights to regulate abortion away from the voters.

“[T]hat ruling was wrong the day it was issued. It’s been wrong every day since then. But that ruling produced enormous anger, enormous division, because when people disagree and feel strongly about it, if the democratic process is available to them, you can go and make the case to your fellow citizens and you can argue for it.”

Charles Creitz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. 

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