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‘Bar Rescue’ host Jon Taffer: Conflict can be ‘purposeful’

“Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer discusses the release of his new book and how conflict in the workplace, if executed effectively, can serve as a beneficial tool on “Your World.”

JON TAFFER: You know, to me, a great conflict starts with dignity. Both sides of the table. You have to know I’m going to respect you. Or why would you sit down and talk to me at all? Dignity, listening, so you understand the other side and then, understanding that conflict is a tool. Neil, I’ve learned this after 230 bar rescues. It can be deliberate. It can be purposeful. And I can have a conclusion that I’m fighting for or pushing for. But the moment it gets emotional, it’s over. 

So you got to look at these things. Great conflict comes when I engage you. And when I engage you, you’re touching your chin, your hand, your chin, and you’re reacting in completely different physical ways. The other interesting thing about this book, Neil, is people who hold things in, who are pretty submissive wives and don’t really push back – that’s not healthy.


Jon Taffer releases new book ‘The Power of Conflict’ Video This article was written by Fox News staff.

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