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What to watch on Fox Nation the month of May, during which active military members, vets get first year free

If you love U.S. history, true crime, or everything to do with the royal family, then Fox Nation may be for you this month!Kicking off with the Kelsey Grammer-helmed ‘Historic Battles for America,’ the month of May has something for everyone on Fox Nation. From the new Princess Diana-centric season of ‘Scandalous’ to ‘Mother’s Day Murder: A Nancy Grace Investigation,’ subscribers can enjoy a variety of fresh new content this Spring.May will also see the return of ‘Who Can Forget?’ as the sixth season celebrates the years 1988, 2006, and 2013. And for those wishing to test their physical strength – not their memory – Fox Nation will debut ‘America’s Top Ranger,’ a three-part documentary series following elite U.S. warfighters as they compete in the “Best Ranger” competition.PIERS MORGAN UNCENSORED PREMIERES ON FOX NATION WITH HEATED TRUMP INTERVIEWAnd, in an effort to honor those who’ve served our great nation, all the new content is streamable for free for all active military members and veterans! Both active military personnel and veterans can sign up for Fox Nation today and get their first-year subscription free.

Kelsey Grammer goes inside The Battle of Bunker Hill Video

Kelsey Grammer’s Historic Battles for AmericaIn ‘Historic Battles for America,’ award-winning actor Kelsey Grammar takes a deep dive into eight key battles that left an indelible mark on this nation. In his hosting duties for Fox Nation, the well-known “Cheers” and “Frasier” actor will take viewers on an inside look at pivotal battles spanning the American Revolution, the Texas Revolution, the Civil War, and the American Indian Wars.From Bunker Hill to Brooklyn, the Alamo to Antietam, the eight-part series will reveal the tactics and strategies that led to victory or defeat, the motivations and emotions of the soldiers and officers who fought it, the decisions and conditions that led to battle, and the long-term consequences that resonate long after the last shot was fired.Grammer will serve as a guide for the audience during each close look at the turning point battles.”I am excited this show will provide the opportunity to share a historical look into some of the most important battles fought through American history, to remember those who fought them, and how they shaped our country,” Grammer said of the new series.

'Scandalous: Princess Diana' 3-part season coming soon to Fox Nation Video

Scandalous: Princess DianaThe events surrounding beloved Diana, Princess of Wales’ tragic and untimely death in 1997 have continued to confound the world. But, as new details emerge — with an Academy Award-nominated film on the Spencer family descendant making headlines this year to boot — it would appear her life before her death was just as scintillating.Scandals followed Princess Diana throughout her short life, especially her highly-publicized marriage and subsequent divorce to Prince Charles. And, although official investigations have concluded the princess died in a tragic accident on August 31 almost 25 years ago, unanswered questions and conspiracy theories still abound.CLICK HERE TO GET FOX NATION When news broke, the world was in shock that Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a horrific car accident. The public – and the police – first focused their outrage on the photographers, who had hunted Diana like a lion stalking its prey. But the first and most forceful accusations came from a grieving father, Mohammed al-Fayed. He was convinced Britain’s spy agency was carrying out an assassination plot to prevent the princess from marrying his son, a Muslim, and having his child.

Prince Charles and Diana Spencer first met in 1977, after he was previously in a relationship with her sister, Sarah.

Prince Charles and Diana Spencer first met in 1977, after he was previously in a relationship with her sister, Sarah.

Investigations would conclude the car wreck was a tragic accident – but no amount of official reports would satisfy the critics who still to this day feel there are too many unanswered questions. Questions about how much alcohol the driver of the Mercedes really had in his system, if a mystery car caused the accident and drove away, or whether British and American security were trying to stop the announcement of a forthcoming engagement of the couple. PRINCESS DIANA’S VOICE COACH SAYS LATE ROYAL WAS EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE BEFORE HER DEATH: ‘SHE FELT LIBERATED’To some, the conspiracy theories weren’t so far-fetched because Diana prophesized her death in letters she left to her trusted butler, Paul Burrell. Just when she was finding love, her life was taken from her.Now, ‘Scandalous: Princess Diana’ offers a three-part look into her mysterious life and death for royal family enthusiasts to binge.

Brother of Suzanne Morphew speaks out about his sister's disappearance Video

Mother’s Day Murder: A Nancy Grace InvestigationMay is often synonymous with Mother’s Day. But, as former prosecutor and crime expert Nancy Grace explores, one pair of daughters wasn’t able to celebrate with their mom after she’d gone missing on Mother’s Day of 2020.A spy pen, tranquilizer dart, and chipmunk alibi emerge in the search for still-missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew. Her husband of 25 years was ultimately charged with murder and then, just last week, the bombshell case was dropped. BARRY MORPHEW ‘HUNTED AND CONTROLLED’ WIFE SUZANNE LIKE AN ANIMAL, INVESTIGATORS SAYNow, Nancy Grace investigates the Rocky Mountain scene with experts and locals, hoping to get to the bottom of what really happened to Suzanne Morphew on that fateful Mother’s Day.

Who Can Forget? Season 6 coming to Fox Nation this May Video

Who Can Forget? Season 6A new season of Who Can Forget? returns to Fox Nation in early May, with its sixth installment celebrating the years 1988, 2006, and 2013. So for those who’d love to take a long – or even short – walk down memory lane this Spring, be sure to subscribe in time for Fox News’ Tom Shillue and friends to escort you back to the past!WHO CAN FORGET 2021? FOX NATION REVEALS THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS, TRAGIC, AND FASCINATING STORIES OF THE YEARCheck out the loglines for each episode below:1988:It was the year when a nightclub failed the rabbit test, a tropical team had it down cold, and a presidential candidate tanked. Watch the ten most outrageous, electrifying, tragic, hilarious, inscrutable, provocative, momentous, seductive, rip-roaring stories of the year.2006:It was the year when people went goofy over Pluto, a movie star didn’t stick to the script, and a tyrant stuck his nose in someone else’s business. Here are the ten most explosive, penetrating, bizarre, scorching, outrageous, revealing, disgraceful, turbulent, illuminating stories of the year.2013:It was the year when bridge traffic took a toll, video gamers crushed it, and saving a city was child’s play. Here are the ten most spectacular, chilling, heroic, maddening, provocative, captivating, bizarre, horrific, colorful stories of the year.

Who will be 'America's Top Ranger'? Video

America’s Top Ranger 2022Are you Top Ranger tough?’America’s Top Ranger’ is a three-part documentary series following elite U.S. warfighters as they compete in the 2022 “Best Ranger” competition. Two-man Army Ranger “buddy teams” compete non-stop for 62 hours while carrying 75 pounds on their backs, covering 70 miles of obstacles and executing 38 range events — many of them live-fire — throughout the three days and nights of intense competition.Sign up on Fox Nation today to stream all the action in ‘America’s Top Ranger!’Fox Nation is honoring service to this great nation! All active military members and veterans can sign up for Fox Nation and get their first year FREE!Fox Nation programs are viewable on-demand from your mobile device app, but only for Fox Nation subscribers. Go to Fox Nation to start a free trial and watch the extensive library from your favorite Fox News personalities.  

Laura Carrione is an Editor with Fox News.

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