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Who is Elon Musk? Fox Nation reveals his key to success

A new documentary is revealing Elon Musk’s strategy for success. 

Fox Nation’s “Who is Elon Musk?” explores how a boy from South Africa changed the world’s auto, banking and space industries and became the richest man on the planet. 

While some entrepreneurs pour their lives into seeing the success of one project, the documentary shows how Musk has strategized to achieve success in multiple ventures.


As a child, Musk spent a lot of time coding and sold his first company for $500 at 12-years-old.  

In his early career, he teamed up with his brother Kimbal to launch Zip2, an internet city guide, which was later sold for $305 million. This success sparked a new passion in Musk, who took his share of $22 million to build another company. 

“I think that really whet his appetite for creating things, for doing more,” Heritage Foundation fellow Kara Frederick told Fox Nation. “So, you’ll see that’s a common thread in his life. He doesn’t just create a company, start something, take his cash, and stop. He sleeps on couches. He can barely afford to pay his rent, even though he is technically a millionaire at this point, to create more, and more, and more companies.” 

Musk’s next mission was taking on the big banks and he started a project which would eventually merge and become PayPal. 

Though both of those projects were certainly successful, Musk’s life mission and “crown jewel” was founding SpaceX. 

“Who starts up a rocket ship company?” FOX Business host Liz Claman said. “There is the joke: Want to know how to make $100 million in the rocketry industry? Start with $200 million, because you’re going to lose a lot of it, but he was ready for it, because he had always dreamed of creating this type of company.” 


Despite any hesitation, Musk went on to revolutionize the space industry with engineering built for sustainability, a theme later explored in his groundbreaking Tesla developments. 

“When Musk came along, everything was gasoline-powered,” FOX Business host Stuart Varney explained. “Electric vehicles were almost un-thought of but he’s a revolutionary kind of guy and he thought, ‘Look, if you really want to tackle climate, you’ve got to tackle transportation. You’ve got to get emissions down in transportation and the way you do that is to knock out combustion engines and replace them with electric cars’ and that’s what he did.” 

Though Musk is certainly very successful, the documentary reveals the serious difficulties he has faced in both his personal and professional life, including losing a child to SIDs and going through divorce. Fox Nation guests describe his “tenacious” personality, demonstrating he does not easily give up. 


Now, as the tech genius begins another endeavor of revolutionizing Twitter it is evident people can expect great things. 

“However you view Elon Musk, villain or hero, one thing is undeniable,” Fox News host Brian Kilmeade said. “At just 51 years old, he’s already made an indelible mark on humankind and at just 51, there are many more chapters of his story to be written before the history books close on him.” 

To learn more of the full story, sign up today on Fox Nation and watch “Who is Elon Musk?” 

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